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Meet The Good Guys

Dean the Dragon

What can we say about Dean? He has a big heart, big eyes and a big fiery breath.  He also has a bad habit of falling asleep at the wrong times.  Don’t underestimate this guy.  He may be cute, but his skills will surprise you.

Izzy The Elf

Izzy is a mischievous elf who lives in the Never Ending Forest. She met Dean down by the river one day while washing her hat (after a very unfortunate cooking accident)

They became fast friends

Sasha the Unicorn

Don’t let the horn fool you, this chick’s

as tough as they come.  Fast as lightning and silent as a mouse, Sasha will be on you before you can even say “boo”.

Jessie the Pegasus

Jessie is a young Pegasus who loves to jump and play.  Most days you’ll find her in the meadow having leapfrog competitions with the local rabbits.

Peanut the Giant

When Peanut was younger, his parents took him to the circus to see the elephants.  Rather than feed the peanuts to the elephants,  he decided to eat them all himself.  He loved them so much that he refused to eat anything else

from that point forth.  And so the name “Peanut” was born.

Golem Ned

Growing up with two evil geniuses for parents

was hard on Ned, especially when his twin

brother Ted decided to follow in their footsteps.  Ned was always more of a “let’s pick some wildflowers” type of guy.  In fact, that was how he met our main man Dean. Dean literally tripped over poor Ned here while he was crouched down smelling some wild roses.

Meet The Bad Guys

Terry the Troll


Andy the Minotaur


Mandy the Manticore


Oscar the Ogre


Golem Ted


Aiden the Evil Dragon